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Welcome to the official Peng2illa homepage.

Nukular proudly presents Peng2illa!!!
Peng2illa is a free agility based Pong clone inside a circle.
It's fast, it's tricky!! Are you ready for a totally new challenge?

There are different ways to defeat your enemies:
- Charge up the ball to damage other players with lightning-bolts
- Bounce on them and STOMP them
- Put mines into their way and let them burn
- Blind them to clear your way
- Teleport in and out of dangerous situations

Play alone or with your teammates. Play it over the Internet.
Record and watch replays of your best rounds.

But the most important thing is --> have fun

Read more about this game.
Look at the amazing screenshots.
Or instantly download it and play!

Peng2illa is available for Win32 and Linux. We hope to complete the MacOSX port soon.

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